Red Wine

Blauer Portugieser

Elegant, fresh and fruity red wine; delicate violet taste, easy to drink. Fits perfectly to grilled meat and fish; dry, 13% alcohol, 2017


Velvety red wine, sensitive berry and cherry flavor, little taste of dark chocolate. Fits perfectly to pork and beef; dry, 14% alcohol, 2017


Fruity red wine, enjoyable sourness, small berry fruit expression, elegant at the final sip. Fits perfectly to deer and steaks; dry, 13,5% alcohol, 2017


Strong red wine, intense tannin flavor, wild berry taste, exclusive and long-lasting. Fits perfectly to deer and beef; dry, 13,5% alcohol, 2017

Our winery. Our family.

Family Winery since 8 generations

High quality wine from a special wine region near Vienna, Austria

25 hectare wineyard

60% white wine, 40% red wine

Traditional family wine culture combined with modern techniques

Red wine stored in old oak casks

All wines are national quality certified

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Hauptstraße 37
2054 Alberndorf im Pulkautal